Our Investment Project Xifeng successfully become listed on NEEQ

2015-09-17 13:23

Jilin Xifeng Water-Saving Science and Technology Co.Ltd,one of the venture capital investment projects under Zenith Taifu,is now listed on NEEQ on September 9th, 2015. (Code: 833522)

Inearly2015, Xifeng signed listed contract with Shenwanhongyuan Securities Co, Xinyonghe Accounting Firm, Beijing Jinchengtongda Law Office. According to requirements of CSRC and NEEQ, we spent five months in completing corporate governance, two-year’s financial audit, a series of due diligence reportsand related supporting documents. It took us one and a half month to complete the public transfer statements,provide listed company’s legal opinions and open accounts for the shareholders.

On July 15th, the listed documents were formally reported to National Equities Exchange and Quotations. On July 29th, NEEQ gave the first feedback and thenon August 8th we responded accordingly. On August 20th, NEEQ issued the letter which agreed that JilinXifeng Water-saving Science and Technology Co.Ltd can be listed listed, and on September 9th, Jilin Xifeng wassuccessfully listed on the board.

The business scope of Jilin Xifeng includes water conservancy and hydropower engineering, agriculture, garden engineering, irrigation system, fog-making, dust reduction, rural water supply, land construction and design, water saving equipment, the first filtration and fertilization system, PVC and PE pipe fittings, drip irrigation, gardening and agriculture irrigation equipment ,new type water-saving material, insulation material, farm machinery manufacturing and sales.