Talent Cultivation

Team Building Plan
Absorb young and innovative talents with the help of the existing talent cultivation platform of the company through project cooperation and college-company cooperation so as to drive the growth of existing teams. Reinforce the management team building and conduct systematic research and arrangement through examination and selection, application and configuration, ability standard, cultivation method, performance evaluation, incentives and restrictions, etc. Create a good institutional environment for the development and promotion of talents and reinforce the professional construction of the management team.

Employee Training
Different departments shall formulate the ability building standard for various talents according to their different characteristics and reinforce the intensity of the training. Take comprehensive promotion of the personnel’s quality and competency for their position as the the target, design training contents as per the level of the personnel and set training courses in different levels and categories and major points highlighted according to the work requirements for different positions and the training requirements for different categories of personnel.

Talent Assessment
Establish a scientific assessment and evaluation system for operation and management talents. Formulate a position assessment standard for special or technical talents. Establish a talent assessment index system and try quantitative assessment, ability test and occupational orientation test in talent assessment.

Talent Selection
Formulate a personnel (including senior management and junior staff) management method to institutionalize and normalize personnel management. Establish corporate leader backup team and formulate a backup cadre management method. Complete corporate management system of the board of directors and board of supervisors so as to institutionalize and normalize the management of the directors and supervisors. Formulate an evaluation and recruitment system for chief experts and leaders of specific fields. Build an expert tank from various fields in the group. Implement talent reservation.

Talent Incentives
Complete the salary method for corporate workers and explore the integration of short-term and long-term incentives. Improve the social security system in the company, implement corporate annuity management system and reinforce the stimulus function of various insurances and welfare.