Legal Assistant
1、Assist the handling of information disclosure, publicity, auditing and legal affairs of the company and investment portfolio.
2、Comply and organize information files about law.
3、Assist the audit corporate contract, business contract, and product contract.
4、Assist the audit of various business activities as to their legal compliance.
1、Undergraduate or above education background, Law related major, Having passed the Judicial Examination.
2、Reliable, Honest and responsible, with a good sense of teamworkStrong communication ability.
3、Equipped with some finance or equity knowledge, Ones having passed Fund Qualification Examination preferred.

Investment Assistant
Responsibilities: Provide technology and administration support for fund managers and researchers.
1、Undergraduate or above, ones majoring in new energy, biomedicine, new material, finance, etc. preferred.
2、with certain research ability and favorable GPA.
3、Have passion for and be familiar with the investment industry and willing to develop in this field.
4、Fluent in Office software.
5、Fluent in writing, listening and speaking English.
6、Active and careful in work, with strong collaboration and organization skills as well as communication ability and sense of innovation.

Media & PR Assistant
1、Responsible for material collection, content edition and data preparation, mainly of new media.
2、Participate in various activities within group and write the manuscripts.
3、Assist the operation and management of official website, WeChat and Weibo.
4、Help contact mainstream media and industrial media in close relation with the group.
1、College students, ones majoring in Journalism, Communication and Sociology preferred, male or female.
2、Familiar with Weibo and WeChat, ones with internship experience in press units or with WeChat operation experience preferred.