In order to promote the healthy development of private equity and venture capital in China and make contribution to the top three national strategies of the national free trade zone experiment area, One Belt and One Road as well as the Integration of Jing-Jin-Ji, Zenith Capital Holding Group stands in the leading position of the industry and found Zenith Finance and Strategy Institute independently according to the demands of the time.

As a new type of finance and economics think-tank, the Institute gathers well-known domestic and overseas financial experts to follow up hot topics in financial industry both in China and abroad so as to provide reference information and decision-making bases for national, provision and municipal reforms of the financial system.

Meanwhile, Zenith Capital is a private non-profit organization, which guarantees the objective and fair nature of the research results to a maximum degree. After three years’ endeavor, Zenith Finance and Strategy Institute has developed into a high-end financial think-tank and a non-government economic and financial think-tank with relatively high popularity in financial industry.

The Institute is composed of the Council as well as the Macro-economic Research Division, Equity Research Division, Insurance Innovation Research Division, Trust Innovation Research Division, Security Innovation Research Division, New Energy Research Division, Emerging Information Industry Research Division, Jing-Jin-Ji Integration Finance Research Division, Asian Finance Research Division, etc.

Research Directions
The trends of Global financial market and risk control.
Scientific development of finance industry in China.
Scientific development and effective supervision of the fund industry in China.
Financial related subjects in the One Belt and One Road Strategy, national free trade zone Strategy, and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Integration strategy.