PE Market is going to be more active: One hundred and twenty billion dollars is waiting for being invested, the 10-year guerrilla ends

2015-01-28 10:29

On 2014 the available capital volume of Global PE investment was up to one trillion and two hundred billion. Yesterday, The Global PE Report from Zhitong Accoungting Firm shows in 2015 PE market, the size of overall transaction and average avenue are expected to raise up. At the same time, the switching operation is going to be a important way for fund investment.

The report shows, 65% of the interviewed managers of private equity funds estimate PE investments in China will be on the rise in 2015, among whom managers from Asian-Pacific region are most positive. The percentage of those optimistic about the prospect of investment rises from 46% to 68%. Europe also witnessed the dramatic increase (from 58%-67%) in terms of positive interviews. The report also shows 66 percent interviewees think PE exit activities in 2015 will be more active.

China is now embracing the golden era of PE market. In August 2014, CSRC issued the first PE-targeted rules The regulations of PE Investment funds. That not only means the conclusion of the 10-year guerrilla but also symbolizes a new beginning of PE as a standardized part of capital market. The chief co-partner of Whiting accounting firm said that most PE investment may focus on medication, education and new energy in China. As NEEQ is growing stronger, the PE market in China will become much more vigorous.