Market-making transactions on NEEQ enters “Billion Age”

2015-02-10 16:48

The NEEQ performed more actively last week than the main board market, which was sluggish. And Seesaw Effect emerged between the two markets, to some extent. Last week, the average daily market turnover of the NEEQ was between 230million yuan and 250million yuan, in which the turnover of market-making transfer was between 100million yuan and 140million yuan. It marks that market-making transactionsenters “Billion Age”and stands on a new level. Average daily marketturnover of market-making transfer exceeding hundreds of millions yuan and sharing the market with protocol transaction becomes a new normalcy of the NEEQ.

The market-making transaction stands on a new level

Last week the average daily market turnover of the NEEQ was 236.74 million yuan, in which the turnover of market-making transactions reached 1.1124 billion yuan. There were 7 enterprises started doing the market-making transactions: Guangdong Bosi Sci.&Tech. Co., Ltd., Chengdu Guangda Electronics Telecommunications Technology Development Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Jiali Technology Co., Ltd., Suzhou Bearing Factory Co., Ltd.,NDT Sci.&Tech.Co., Ltd., Ruijie Plastic Co., Ltd. and Haiyuanda International Trade Co., Ltd.. By last Friday, the total amount of listed companies in market-making transactions has reached 153and the flow of equitieshas achieved 3.487 billion shares. The total amount of listed companies in NEEQ is 1893 and total flow of equities are28.798 billion shares. Half years ago when market-making transactions first introduced, no one can predict and imagine that the transactions are such active that daily trading volume can exceeds hundreds of millions yuan.


The market-making transactions only account for 1/10 of total listed companies in NEEQ, but brings nearly half turn volumes for it, which can reach hundreds of millions yuan, and everyday nearly 80% of market-making enterprises have transaction records. It’s true that we can draw the conclusion from present trading conditions that the market-making transactions system fully activated the whole NEEQ; and since the system was introduced, the market-making transactions in NEEQ have achieved quantitative changesto qualitative changesin only six months, and both the amount of market-makingenterprises or its fluency have has the qualitative leap.

Optimistic outlook of the market  

The active trading in NEEQ now is a good expectation of the development of NEEQ. First of all, the NEEQ index will be announced in the near future, so the investors will have a direct feeling about the ups and downs of the market changes through the index; whether it’s a bear market or a bull market is apparent to the eye. In addition, in 2015, the threshold of entering the NEEQ market will be hopefully decreased, relative to the mandatory standard of 5 million securities assets and 2 years’ experience in securities investment, as a result of which, most investors are not qualified to enter. What’s more, the market-making transactions is in its good condition, so lunching bid in the third quarter in this year and everything will fall into place. We believe that as the auction trading emerged, the valuation of the companies in NEEQ will be further enhanced and get close to the main board Market, and there will be more and more star shares come to the fore.