Industry Information Obtained Round B+ Financing of over RMB100M

2016-07-05 18:19

According, “Atzuche”, a P2P car rental platform, recently completed round B+financing of over RMB100M. The investment was led by Panda Capital and followedby Pacific Insurance, CSC, etc. Zhang Wenjian, Founder and Chairman of Atzuche,indicated that the funds raised would be mainly used for the improvement ofuser experience and future overall strategic layout, including expansion ofmarket size.
Established inMay 2014, Atzuche currently has 3 million registered users, 100,000 registeredcars and over 10,000 car models, covering 14 cities including Beijing,Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Hangzhou, etc. 40% of cars on thisplatform are new cars aged below 3 years. All car models are covered, includingeconomic compact car, commercial car, personalized car and luxury car, of whichthe prices are from less than RMB100,000 to RMB5,000,000. From the vehicledemands, self-driving travels accounted for 50%, test drive 20%, and localtransport 20%.